PicassoWhat Gallery presents “Rebecca Rouse: Owls for Lovers of Owls Head”

“Fisher” by Rebecca Rouse

PicassoWhat Gallery in Rockland gallery is pleased to present “Rebecca Rouse: Owls for Lovers of Owls Head” for all lovers of Knox County’s own community of Owls Head. As one of four featured artists in the gallery’s August show, Rouse’s unique portraits of owls will be on view through September 8th. “The Owl Painter” as Ms. Rouse is known, created a series of characters specifically for the August show at PicassoWhat. “I created the Working Class Owls with the intent of highlighting the wisdom, often associated and symbolized with owls, that exists with every human,” explained Rebecca Rouse. “I focused my attention to those among us who are rarely if ever recognized or appreciated for being ‘wise’. They are dirty or weathered, unconformed…and ignored.” For more information, visit the gallery’s facebook page.