Åarhus Gallery Opening Reception for “Willy Reddick: Sustenance”

“Rooster in the Grass” by Willy Reddick

Åarhus Gallery in Belfast invites the public to an Opening Reception 5-8 p.m. Friday Sept. 6 for “Willy Reddick: Sustenance.” After painting tens of thousands of things over the course of her life, Willy is now a colorist at the top of her game. Her adept subtleties with the color pallet, creating hues so unassuming and seemingly naturally occurring, that they can easily belie her gifted sense and consummate skill in color mixing and conceptualizing. And because Willy’s work is endearing, friendly, and approachable, one can be charmed into smiling over some of this countries most skillfully rendered, exquisitely detailed botanical miniature paintings. Showing with Willy will be Åarhusians Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Richard Mann, and Wesley Reddick. For more information and a slideshow of the current exhibit visit aarhusgallery.com