Betts Gallery opens “Gilbert Welch: Landscapes in Palladium”

“Olson Homestead #3” by Gilbert Welch

Betts Gallery in Belfast invites the public opening reception 5:30-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6 for “Gilbert Welch: Landscapes in Palladium.” Born in Texas and raised in New Jersey, Welch’s family roots brought him to Maine each summer of his youth. He moved to Rockport in 1979 to attend the Maine Photographic Workshop (now the Maine Media Workshop). Welch utilizes the palladuim process in producing this collection; one of the oldest printing processes, in use since the beginning of photography. By its nature, the process produces a unique contact print in the exact size of the negative with a rich tonal range and distinctive beauty. The palladium process also produces a very stable print, unaffected by light and pollution. The show runs through September 28. For more information call 338-6465.