Blue Hill Bay Gallery featuring Marjorie Moskowitz

“Lupine Indigo” by Marjorie Moskowitz

The Blue Hill Bay Gallery is featuring Marjorie Moskowitz whose unique color fields like “Lupine Indigo” shown here, vividly portray the local flora. Marjorie summers here in Maine with her husband and is a full-time artist. Besides lupine, her color fields feature Maine species like spring bluets and sumac in autumn red. She says that her paintings “invite the viewer to step into a pliable, welcoming and intense but unknown, mysterious, and complex world. The tension created by these opposing forces is seductive and passionate. The landscape stops the eye; it is prophetic and beautiful yet subject to the constant force of nature.  The goal is to see, capture and embody those moments when we see nature for its own particularity and for its own passionate force.” For more information visit