Jean Kigel’s odes to the Bowdoin Pines

“Ode to Bowdoin Pines” by Jean Kigel

Since classical Greek times, poets have written odes addressing subjects like joy, Grecian urns, the west wind, and immortality. Waldoboro artist Jean Kigel has painted a series of odes to the Bowdoin Pines that will be exhibited at Gallery Framing in Brunswick Sept. 2 – 27. Using thick tempera paint, watercolor, and Asian brush, Kigel exalts the statuesque white pines, given in 1791 from the town of Brunswick to Bowdoin College.  Layering  brilliant and unexpected colors, Kigel’s paintings evoke the glory of coastal pine barrens, the pride of patriarchal ships’ masts, and the solace that pines lend to nature preserves and winter. Witness the wonder of pines and meet the artist during the Brunswick Art Walk, Fri. Sept. 13. For more information, call 729-9108 or visit