Open Studios at 26 Split Rock Cove Artist Retreat

26 Split Rock Cove Artist Retreat in South Thomaston invites the public to Open Studios on September 7-8 to view the work of resident and studio artists. The 26 Split Rock Cove Open Studios 2013 will feature works of encaustic painting, hand-made artist books, paper and ceramic masks, sculpture, collages and prints, all created by artists with studio space on the premises.  26 Split Rock Cove is the creation of artist, poet, bookmaker and educator Sandy Weisman, who moved to South Thomaston from Boston in 2010 with a goal in mind. “Making art requires both solitude and community,” Weisman says. “We provide a comfortable venue by the ocean in mid-coast Maine for writers and artists.” Located on three acres overlooking the coast of Maine, studio space at 26 Split Rock Cove is also available for local or visiting artists. The Open Studios will feature works by Weisman, as well as studio artists Otty Merrill and Victoria Pittman (encaustic painting), Diane Green Hébert (paper masks), Marnie Sinclair (sculpture), Sharon McCartney (artist books and collages) and teaching artist Barbara Reitz (handbound journals). “I think good art is a successful attempt at capturing some of the spirit, design and perfection that is all around us,” says Merrill, whose work has been shown at Portland events and mid-coast galleries. The two-day event is open to the public, and children are welcome. More details are available at