Pemaquid Art Gallery showing “Fresh Paint by Nixon and Loughridge.”

“Summer Reflections” by Sally Loughridge

Pemaquid Art Gallery is showing “Fresh Paint by Nixon and Loughridge.” Lively strokes and a fresh and painterly style characterize the work of Judy Nixon and Sally Loughridge, both exhibiting this season at the Pemaquid Gallery of Art. Always eager to try new techniques, watercolorist Judy Nixon also experiments with subject matter.  Rocks and flowers inspire her, as do birds, hats, peas in a pod, raindrops on water, an inquisitive seagull, a Reny’s bag. She sees the creative possibilities in the flora, fauna, and objects all around her, and consequently her work tells the story of daily life in Bristol Mills, where she resides. South Bristol artist Sally Loughridge is sparked to paint by ever-changing light on the landscape. She employs pastels, with their pure and crystalline pigment, to create luminosity.  She uses oils to express color relationships, enjoying the process of mixing and blending on her palette, and often builds an oil painting through glazing. Widely known on the mid-coast not only as an award-winning artist but also as an art instructor, Loughridge paints to express her deep love of the natural world. Loughridge believes in the importance of visceral response to a landscape as the signal that she should paint it. For more information call 677-2078.