Harlow Gallery opens “Chris Cart: Black and White”

Chris Cart: Black and White

The Harlow Gallery in Hallowell has just opened “Chris Cart: Black and White” an exhibit that runs through Sept. 28. Cart’s solo exhibition at the Harlow Gallery is featured on the cover of “artscope” magazine out of Boston. The show consists of a series of paintings and drawings in black and white watercolor, ink and mixed media on paper. Any visual style tends to keep an artist within its bounds, restricting the treatment of the narrative to its own visual language and brushwork.  Though Cart has been focusing on his best-known, more colorful style for a number of years, this exhibit represents a more private, never before seen in public, body of work. The paintings range of style and treatment have a simplicity which at time verges on the Asian. One series captures the raw power of our Maine wild woods with bold, black brushwork…the quiet at the top of a mountain or the rush of water around dark rock on its tumble down the mountain side.  For more information visit harlowgallery.org