Åarhus Gallery opening “Sticks, Stones and Bones”

“Sticks” by Barbara Andrus

Åarhus Gallery in Belfast is opening “Sticks, Stones and Bones” with an opening reception 5-8 p.m. Friday October 4. The upcoming show at Åarhus will display a wide variety of artworks that, in one way or another involve or interpret these most basic ingredients.  So rattle your bones and rock on over to Åarhus for, Sticks Stones and Bones … it’s nothing to shake a stick at. Artists showing work will be: Barbara Andrus, Joe Ascrizzi, Brendon Bullock, J. T.  Gibson, Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Hannah Kreitzer, Peter Madd, Richard Mann, Ben Potter, Abbie Read, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick and Andy White. The show runs through Oct. 27. For more information and a slideshow visit aarhusgallery.com