Dowling Walsh Gallery exhibiting David Graeme Baker and Ann Getsinger

“Study . . .” by David Graeme Baker

Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland presents two exhibitions with an opening
5-8 pm Friday Oct. 4 in conjunction with Rockland’s First Friday Art Walk. “David Graeme Baker, Drawings,” A career artist and graduate of Wesleyan University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, David Baker moved to Maine in 2000. His paintings combine figure, still life, and landscape into compelling narrative paintings that invites the viewer to create their own story. The slower pace and domestic surroundings created by his young family (Baker and his wife, Sarah, have two young sons) have influenced his work. “Ann Getsinger,” After attending Paier School of art in New Haven, CT, and the San Francisco Art Institute, Ann settled permanently in western Massachusetts where she studied with realist artist Sheldon Fink. For more information visit