Greenhut Galleries presents “Mary Bourke: A Life Imagined”

“Late Summer” by Mary Bourke

Greenhut Galleries in Portland presents “Mary Bourke: A Life Imagined” with an Opening Reception 5 – 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3. This ninth solo show by  Bourke captures the essence of everyday life in her signature style. Bourke shares her observations of the ordinary with a perfect balance of lively color, light and narrative. In speaking about “A Life Imagined,” Mary asks, “How does one separate our dreams and imagination from our reality, the truth from what we hope to be true”?  She states, “My own Maine story is one of places I have been and places where I long to be. It is a story of the things I have done and even more things I wish to do. Does it matter if the lines between who I am and who I strive to be get a little blurred in the telling?  We tell our stories of a past and perhaps what is most true is a little closer to our dreams and hopes and times imagined than to the mere sum of the moments we have actually lived.” “A Life Imagined” runs through Oct. 26. For more information visit