Jonathan Frost Gallery presents “Home: Susan Beebe and Rachel Burgess”

“Last Light” by Rachel Burgess

The Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland presents “Home,” an exhibit of new work by Rockland artist Susan Beebe and New York artist Rachel Burgess.  The show will open with a gala Artist’s Reception from 5 – 8 p.m. on Friday, October 4 featuring live jazz by Steve Lindsay and Friends.  The exhibit will run through November 29. Rachel Burgess contributes fourteen monotypes, unique prints, serving the Home theme, capturing tranquil and evocative landscapes and portraits of enduring trees.  “When I think about “home,” I think about the visual features (such as trees, water, and architecture) of a region – New England.  These enduring forms – the silhouette of a white pine, the color of a winter field – inspire a pattern of nostalgia from which I gain a sense of ‘home’….Bittersweet yet comforting, my images reflect the yearning and the solace caused by nostalgia for home.” Susan Beebe presents seventeen oils of songbirds’ nests, surely among the most elementary versions of Home.  The paintings are brilliantly colorful, expressive, and animated.  “I found a lot of color in the nests,” says the artist. For more information visit  .