Bayview Gallery’s new ceramic artist Derryll Brudzinski

Raku by Derryll Brudzinski

Bayview Gallery in Brunswick is showing the work of new ceramic artist Derryll Brudzinski. Derryll creates beautiful earthenware vases and vessels in the Raku style.  Traditional Raku is characterized by using low fire temperatures, resulting in a rather porous surface. Brudzinski fires his pieces at fairly high temperatures to intensify the colors in the glazes. The fired piece is removed from the hot kiln and allowed to cool in the open air or in a container filled with combustible material.  Derryll has shown widely throughout New England, including solo shows at the Jasper Rand Museum and Westfield State University.  He has also shown at the Art Students League and Lincoln Center in New York City and at Heartwood College in Kennebunk. For more information visit