Dowling Walsh Gallery extends David Graeme Baker’s and Ann Getsinger shows

“Sparkler” by David Graeme Baker

Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland extends their fall show though Nov. 2. for David Graeme Baker’s and Ann Getsinger. “The landscape of Maine and depictions of my family and friends within its embrace are the catalysts for my paintings. Realism anchors my work, though I purposefully conflate reality and fiction to imbue the images with enigmatic, yet evocative dreamlike meaning.” -David Graeme Baker. Ann Getsinger’s oil paintings, while rooted in traditional realism, have evolved to include layers drawn from surrealism, memory, and imagination. She combines still life, landscape, figurative, and imaginative work, to create a distinct point of view, her own realism with a playful and serious twist. Preview the show at