Galleries of Waldoboro celebrate season


Art connects people. We don’t have to speak the same language or be from the same generation or economic circumstances to communicate with one another through art. To sit quietly and try to capture the look of a person, a landscape or a bowl of flowers is to deepen understanding in a profound and wonderful way. This is the reason for the existence of Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro, founded eight years ago by five artists with a dream; to put our town on the map by showing to each other and to others the treasures we live with every day. Our dream is coming true and we’re delighted to be sharing a zip code with more and more art venues; Philippe Guillerm Gallery, Hurricane Gallery, the Medomak River Community Market, together representing dozens — hundreds — of painters, photographers, jewelers, potters, sculptors, illustrators, artisans and creatives of all stripes. All local! The work will be on display and for sale through December 21.  For more information, please visit or call 832-5109.