“American Treasures” continues at Farnsworth

“The Puritan and the Genesta” by James Edwards Buttersworth

The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland continues “American Treasures” through Feb. 2. For most of the artists who have worked in Maine for the past century and a half, the state’s striking physical beauty has been its primary attraction. To be sure, the state’s stunning coastline as well as its verdant forests, rushing streams, tranquil ponds and lakes, and picturesque mountains have inspired countless painters, printmakers, and photographers. The Farnsworth’s collecting activities, in fact, have focused from the beginning on acquiring the best examples of such works, thus suggesting to visitors and residents alike the vibrancy of life in Maine from the nineteenth century to the present. This exhibition includes the work of Fitz Henry Lane, Alvan Fisher, Martin Johnson Heade, and George Inness from the nineteenth century; and John Twachtman, George Bellows, Rockwell Kent and Neil Welliver in the twentieth. For more information visit farnsworthmuseum.org.