Harlow Gallery call for art

HarlowArtist working at Parker Pond Headland. Photograph: Jane Davis

The Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, in partnership with the Kennebec Land Trust (KLT), announces an open call for art in celebration of KLT’s 25th anniversary in 2014. Artists are invited to create art depicting or inspired by any of the Kennebec Land Trust properties that are open to the public. A complete list is available on the KLT website at tklt.org/land/land.htm.
Email submissions are being accepted through September 1, 2014. Submissions will be reviewed by a curatorial committee including Kennebec Land Trust founder Jym St. Pierre, with staff from the KLT and the Harlow Gallery.  The art exhibition will be on view at the Harlow Gallery at 160 Water Street in Hallowell from October 10 through November 1, with a public reception on Sunday, October 12 to coincide with a related art opening at Slates Restaurant . For more information call 622-3813 or visit harlowgallery.org