Winter classes and workshops at DIAA


The Deer Isle Artists Association is offering winter classes and workshops located in the DIAA Gallery and open to the public.  The February Color Workshop takes place Saturday Mornings, 9–11 a.m. with Judith Felch, February 1–22, $80 for four weeks. For more information or to register, contact Judith at 207-610-1379 or No art experience is required. As the musician develops an “ear” for musical relationships, so the visual artist needs to develop an “eye” for color. The ability to “see” color and to compose with it is essential.  And yet, color is rarely studied in depth. This four-session workshop is devoted to advancing your ability to see color reactions better, understand color interactions, and apply this knowledge to your personal artwork. This workshop is open to all regardless of the level of formal experience with color. The workshop is meant to be informative, participatory, and enrich your ability to see and use color. If you are a painter, photographer, 3D artist, or a person who loves the visual arts, this workshop should prove to be awakening.