Courthouse Gallery Fine Art guest artist Susan Amons

“Egret Over White Sands” by Susan Amons

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth kicks off their 2014 season with an exhibition of selected works by gallery artists and guest artist Susan Amons. Amons is printmaker whose large-scale monoprints are inspired by images she records from nature. “Susan Amons’ Sunset Night Herons is a tour de force of monotype touched with pastel. Her great birds trailed by the ghosts of a second pressing move slowly across an embryonic landscape. It is a reverie with not entirely benign connotations,” Philip Isaacson said about Amons’ work Participating gallery artists include: R. Scott Baltz, Lise Becu, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Philip Frey, June Grey, Paul Hannon, William Irvine, Jessica Ives, Joseph Keiffer, Rosie Moore, Ed Nadeau, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Alison Rector. The show runs through June 20. For more information visit