Deer Isle Art Association’s fourth exhibit BRIDGE

“Under the Bridge” by Don Seymour

The Deer Isle Art Association’s fourth exhibit of the 2014 season celebrates the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge’s 75th Anniversary.  DIAA’s artist-members have created remarkable artwork telling personal stories and reflections of the Bridge, and DIAA’s reception to meet the artists 5 – 7 p.m. Friday June 20 coincides with Bridge Anniversary Festivities. Artists include Eileen Ahern, Anya Antonovych Metcalf, Betsy Braunhut, Emily Brett Lukens, Mary Eaton, Gail Eckberg, Susan Finsen, Jeri Gillin, Cathy Hart, David Kofton, Corey Paradise, Patricia Roth, Don Seymour, Cynthia Bourke-Simonds, Robert Starkey, Tracy Van Buskirk and Hub White. The Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge will be closed for one hour on Saturday, June 21, from 10-11 am for a very special Bridge Walk.