Haynes Galleries shows “Seth Haverkamp: A Passion for the Unique”

“Erin and her Chicken” by Seth Haverkamp

For Seth Haverkamp, it’s a family affair in Haynes Galleries’ new vignette show. A collection of the artist’s newest portraits, where he mixes traditional realism, a bold color palette, and his signature affinity for unique embellishments, is included in “Seth Haverkamp: A Passion for the Unique,” a vignette show that accompanies “Celebrating the Portrait as Timeless Art.” There’s something universal in his narratives. Rather than personal vignettes, Haverkamp’s portraits become celebrations of childhood, family, and growing up. All exhibits will be on view from June 27 to July 26 at Haynes Galleries in Thomaston. This show-within-a-show highlights Haverkamp’s award-winning style — luminous, playful, and deeply inspired. He juxtaposes traditional Realism in his portraiture with a more abstract, Klimt-inspired background to mesmerizing effect. Whether a commissioned portrait or a narrative piece, the view through the artist’s eyes is captivating. For more information, visit haynesgalleries.com.