“Monhegan: The Unfailing Muse” opening at Archepelago

“Setting on the Backside” by Don Stone

“Monhegan: The Unfailing Muse,” an exhibit of work by more than two dozen Maine artists is coming to Archipelago Fine Arts Gallery in Rockland, beginning with a reception for the general public from 5 – 8 p.m. Friday, June 27. This eclectic show of oils, watercolors, pastels, papercuts and screen prints reflects the enduring allure of this small island 12 miles out to sea, and represents a wide range of talented artists who have found their inspiration on Monhegan.  Several of them are featured in the art folio of the 2014 Island Journal and will be on hand for the opening reception.  The purpose of both the folio and the exhibition is to highlight the island’s quadricentennial  this year, which will be celebrated on August 5 and 6.   Artists include: Don Stone, Caleb Stone, Dyan Berk, Holly Brooks, Kevin Beers, Lynn Tavis, Michael Torlen, Mike Stiler, Alice Boynton, Alison Hill, Bruce Kornbluth, Frances Kornbluth, Connie Hayes, David Vickery, Kate Cheney Chappell, Kenny Cole, Michael Vermette, Neal Hughes, Paul Niemiec, Robert Pollien, Susan Gilbert, Terry Hilt, William Manning, Ted Tihansky, Dylan Metrano and Carol Sloan. Leith MacDonald of Leith MacDonald Art Services will be giving a brief talk about contemporary painting on Monhegan beginning at 6:00 in the gallery.  Monhegan: The Unfailing Muse will run through August 29. For more information about the show or the receptions, please contact Lisa Mossel Vietze, Archipelago store and gallery manager, at 207-594-9209 x137