New Era Gallery’s “Exchanging Views: the Artists of Katahdin paint Vinalhaven”

“Potato Island” by Judy Taylor

New Era Gallery’s early summer exhibition “Exchanging Views: the Artists of Katahdin paint Vinalhaven” will open on Saturday, June 28.  Twelve artists from the North Light Gallery in Millinocket, Maine, including gallery director Marsha Donahue, participated in a two-day painting exploration in Vinalhaven in May, and this show will feature the resulting work. In addition to Donahue’s watercolors the show will include works by Joan Freiman, Judy Taylor, Olena Babak, Suzanne Savage Brewer, Michael Branca, John Redick, Pam Redick, Deb Grabber, Caren-Marie Michel, Barb Davis, and Candy McKellar. “The Katahdin region and Vinalhaven have much in common in their histories in the visual arts.  They are iconic landscapes where generations of artists have found inspiration,” says New Era Gallery Director Elaine Austin Crossman. The show will open with an artists’ talk at 4:30 in the Windy Way Barn and reception from 5 – 7.  Exhibition dates are June 28 – July 16.