Carver Hill Gallery opening for Robin Reynolds and Dianne Schelble, Rockland First Friday Art Walk

“Jill’s Garden II” by Robin Reynolds

Carver Hill Gallery will be open for the Rockland First Friday Art Walk with a new exhibition featuring Robin Reynolds and Dianne Schelble, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday July 4. Reynolds’ potent palette captures the life affirming energy in “Gardens and Tidepools” with exaggerated colors and shapes. “My concern is the color, line, texture and space between the flowers and bushes, shells and sand, and ground and sky.” Schelble’s new work interprets her immediate environment, the home, and its indoor and outdoor spaces, sometimes as seen through windows. Her broad strokes of watercolor and gouache are fearless in their use of dark and light to express the mood. On first glance, they appear as abstract expressions, frequently taking a minute for the painting to appear, creating an entirely new experience with the work. The show runs through Monday July 20. For more information visit or call 207-594-7745.