Dowling–Walsh Gallery presents David Graeme Baker and Anne-Emmanuelle Marpeau

Baker---Home-Field-[print]“Home Field” by David Graeme Baker

For July Dowling–Walsh Gallery presents the work of David Graeme Baker and Anne-Emmanuelle Marpeau. Baker opens 5 to 8 p.m. July 4 in conjunction with Rockland’s First Friday Art Walk. Marpeau opens 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday July 12. Baker’s contemporary domestic genre scenes are imbued with mystery and tension creating enigmatic narratives that explore our relationships with ourselves and one another. The slower pace and domestic surroundings created by his young family have influenced his work. Baker lives with his wife and two sons in Hancock. Anne-Emmanuelle Marpeau calls her artworks ex-votos, literally, “from the vow made.” Marpeau’s offerings are story boxes, telling tales of events past and imagined. Looked into closely, you see people working and celebrating life on the coast in the days before gasoline and electricity. They show that the way of the sea was hazardous — and still is. The Dowling–Walsh Gallery is located at 365 Main Street in Rockland. For more email or call 207-596-0084.