Greenhut Galleries presents “Book of Days,” John Whalley’s 5th solo show

“Ceremony” by John Whalley

“Book of Days” is John Whalley’s 5th solo show with Greenhut Galleries. “All these paintings were conceived of, worked on and re-worked during months when I was considering my own days from a new and more profound perspective. From these days have come these paintings which include still life’s (some of which contain books as their subjects) as well as landscapes depicting places here in Maine I enjoyed visiting during this last year. In all these landscapes, the mystery of passing light was my focus.” Carl Little stated in Art New England, June/July 2008, “Whalley does not simply reproduce the objects that resonate with him; he transforms them by adding light, enlarging them, or arranging them in particular ways to highlight a particular element. Whalley need not suffer the anxiety of influence — his work is his own…. the viewer gravitates to those images that seem signature — …Here we pause and admire.” Whalley’s work exudes tremendous warmth, luminosity and charm. He responds to what he calls “the beauty that speaks softly.” The show will be on display through August 2 at Greenhut Galleries, 146 Middle Street in Portland. For information call 888-772-2693.