Greenhut Galleries presents “Invented Ground: Susan Barnes”

“Inventing Ground #4” by Susan Barnes

Greenhut Galleries presents “Invented Ground” a solo exhibition by contemporary Maine artist Susan Barnes. In a career spanning some thirty plus years, Barnes has the uncanny ability to depict a sense of place within the illusion of space and paradoxically bring us back into the present. Barnes provides a visual tension reminding us that we are in the presence of a surface worked into a harmony of sky, diagonal lines and invented ground. “In my experience as a painter of exterior spaces, there is a moment when the weight of ground first emerges. It is intoxicating. It is a discovery every time.” Barnes has an MFA from SUNY Buffalo and has participated in several residencies for painting as well as poetry. In addition to painting, Barnes has written and illustrated the book Earthquake.  Her work is in numerous corporate and private collections. Greenhut Galleries is located at 146 Middle Street in Portland. For information call 888-772-2693.