Shaw Jewelry Opens “The Figure in Water”

Opening at Shaw Jewelry Thursday 5 to 7 p.m. July 3, “The Figure in Water” features the work of Sharon Arnold, Jessica Ives, Karin Rosenthal, Michael Seif, and Rob Sullivan. It is said that we are mostly water. Perhaps that is why these artists place humans in water as a fundamental aspect of their aesthetic, or perhaps it is the reflections and the way light interacts with the water as it hits bodies. The effect is captivating and sensuous. Also in July “Petra Class: Precious Blue, Kind of Blue, and Mood Indigo.” In this collection Class “paints” with the blue gemstones of lapis lazuli, opal and sapphire. The rhythmical arrangements and repetition of similar forms and colors are set in high-karat gold with a minimalist’s touch. “3-D Printed Objects” astonishes with the complexity of objects created by 3-dimensional printers. Many are mathematical equations made flesh, others are captivating and seemingly impossible. It’s a brave new world — jump in. The shows run through July 16. Shaw Jewelry is located at 126 Main Street in Northeast Harbor.