Raven’s Nest Gallery shows Ken Weeks’ canoe models

birch canoe painting by Ken Weeks

birch canoe painting by Ken Weeks

Raven’s Nest Gallery will host a show featuring the works of Ken Weeks opening Friday, July 25. An actor, comedian, designer, artist, and birch bark canoe builder, Week’s canoe models mimic the dynamics of a full size vessel and are historically constructed both in their detail and the process. While researching his biography of Edwin Tappan Adney, Ted Behne secured clearance for Weeks to paint and draw the models of this world famous collection of birch bark canoes. Due to gallery space constraints the largest canoe of 14 feet will only be shown on the night of the Art Walk. On display for the duration of the show will be the artist’s paintings, assemblages, and scale models. The show will run through August 15. Raven’s Nest Gallery is located at 65 Main Street in Belfast. Refreshments will be served. For more information call (207) 505-2659.