Shaw Jewelry opens two new shows


Shaw Jewelry announces the opening of “Manimal: Human/Animal Morphing” and “Hughes-Bosca Extravaganza.” “Manimal” features the work of Nancy Andrews, Fran Forman, and Justin Richel. If humans share 98% of a mouse’s genes, why would we be surprised if minotaurs and mermaids exist? These artists create hybrids which are insightful, personal and humorous. The illusion of cross breeding, shamanistic or theatrical costuming blend, combine and merge distinct animal and human attributes into unexpected creatures. Also opening July 17, the powerful and familiar duo of Boston-based Mary Hughes and Caro-Gray Bosca are world renown for their inventive and original jewelry. They will bring a trunk full of 18 karat gold jewelry with unusual gemstones, antiquities, luscious pearls, and incredible attitude. Both shows run through July 30. Shaw Jewelry is located at 126 Main Street in Northeast Harbor. For more information visit