Bristol Road artists exhibit under tents


On August 22 – 24, land and seascape artists, Will Kefauver, 144 Bristol Rd., and Jan Kilburn, 168 Bristol Rd., along with Marnie Sinclair, 172 Bristol Rd., from the Bristol Road Galleries, will be featuring their own work as well as that of visiting artists, under several tents. Saturday, during the day, Marnie will be demonstrating how to create fanciful birds and animal wire sculptures. Her demonstration as well as that of other artists will be followed by a reception from 4 – 6 p.m.

Marnie Sinclair, a process artist who works in many different mediums, has just opened her gallery, The Sinclair Gallery, on the Bristol Rd. in Damariscotta. She is newly arrived to the area from Martha’s Vineyard and since moving here has joined three other artists who are close neighbors to create the Bristol Road Galleries.


“CO2 (in the atmosphere from fossil fuel emissions)” by Marnie Sinclair

Marnie’s work has always been inspired by nature and her particular affinity is for animals. Sculpture is her preferred mode of expression and she has recently started to create birds and animals in wire. The wire sculpture is an off shoot of a series of 52 sculptures that were done in driftwood, electrical wire and theater gels and spoke directly to the many aspects of climate change. Her sense of urgency about the state of the planet led to a video that she created using her work to illustrate the story of climate change as told by three experts in the field: “Nature’s Spin Through Art.”

Since arriving in Maine she has created a traveling exhibit of this work along with her video and talk about art, balance, and climate change. Currently she is looking for venues in which to do her talk. As an environmental activist she is also part of a group in Lincoln County who are starting an Energy Coop.