The Gallery at Somes Sound openings & book signing

The Gallery at Somes Sound in Somesville presents an Artists’ Opening Reception and Book Signing on Sunday, August 17 from 4 – 6:30 p.m., featuring artist and author Joellyn Duesberry as she introduces her book Elevated Perspective: The Paintings of Joellyn Duesberry and exhibits  her paintings “Reflections of Maine, Coming Home.”


“Mt. Desert from Big Cranberry Island” by Joellyn Duesberry

“My instinctual search of the Maine Coastal landscape in the past 5 decades for subjects en plein air relating to aesthetic elements which fascinate me, has given me peak experiences unattainable anywhere else. Manmade traces seem to have been gentle on the landscape, and the geometry I seek to uncover in the land is thus often aided by structures, dwellings within the darkly forested sites or detritus on the beaches. My recent compositions of Maine show less struggle with building abstraction, whether stern hard rock or limpid water, and, therefore more of a load of deep feelings, both current and remembered, articulated and inchoate, that make me want to paint this particular place called Maine” …. Joellyn Duesberry

“Meet the Master Furniture Makers of Maine”, features furniture by Aaron Fedarko, Howard Hatch, David Leach and Brian Reid. “I like to think of my work as traditional because I know that my ideas are strongly influenced by what has come before. I am not trying to reinvent furniture. I am just one maker involved in the inexorable cyclical evolution of furniture design that has been going on for some 5000 years,” says Brian Reid.

The exhibitions will run through Saturday August 30.