Wiscasset Bay Gallery opens “Realism and Impressionism in Belgium, France & America”


“In Her Boudoir” by Georges Ferdinand Lemmers

“Realism and Impressionism in Belgium, France and America” will open at the Wiscasset Bay Gallery on Saturday, August 16th. From views of Paris, the foothills of Vermont and the coast of Monhegan, this exhibition focuses on European and American landscape and genre paintings spanning the Realism through Impressionist movements.

European works featured in the exhibition include a rich, impressionistic interior by Belgian artist Georges Ferdinand Lemmers (Belgian, 1871-1944). “In Her Boudoir” illustrates Lemmers’ mastery of the European Impressionist style and his versatility as an artist adroitly combining the nude, still life and an eloquent interior into a single composition. Rich blues and warm creamy oranges vitalize the painting’s intimate subject matter. French artist Jules Herve (French, 1887-1981) captures children watching the crowds at La Place de Concorde while Jean Salabet (French, b. 1900) depicts the sun setting along the Conciegerie, the streets filled with people and the vendor stalls filled with colorful fares. The horse and rider in Marcel Vertes’ (American/Hungarian, 1895-1961) “Circus Performer” leap across the page, the movement and strength of the horse portrayed with simple tones and brushwork

American works highlighted in the exhibition include John Whorf’s (American, 1903-1959) impressionistic watercolor, “By the Stream,” depicting a female nude awash in dappled sunlight, bathing at the edge of a woodland stream. Samuel Peter Rolt Triscott’s (American, 1846-1925) realistic and delicate rendition of Monhegan Village, with the rocky mass of Manana in the background records island life in the 1890’s. A group of impressionistic oils of the Vermont landscape by Lucy Hariot Booth (American, 1869-1952) are also on display. Booth, who studied with Theodore Robinson (American, 1852 – 1896), captures the foothills and fields around Townsend, Vermont with thick broken brushwork and pastel tones. Paintings by Robert Phillip, Reginald Marsh, A.C. Goodwin, Carolus Duran, Charles Emile Jacque, Louis Teicher and others will also be featured in exhibition.

Contemporary New England paintings will be on display, including colorful still life paintings by Geer Morton, Ann Getsinger and Marjorie Moskowitz, and coastal and inland Maine views by Keith Oehmig, Michael Graves, Tom McCobb, Don Stone, Guy Corriero, Tom Curry, Diana Johnson, J. Thomas R. Higgins, Paul Niemiec, Judith Magyar, Roberta Goschke, David Kasman and Carlton Plummer.

“Realism and Impressionism in Belgium, France and America” will be on display through September 30th. For more information, call (207) 882-7682, or visit the gallery’s website at wiscassetbaygallery.com. The Wiscasset Bay Gallery is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., and is located at 67 Main Street (Route One) in historic Wiscasset village.