New Work at Greenhut Galleries

Greenhut Galleries in Portland presents new work by Marsha Donahue, Colin Page, Roger Prince, and Alec Richardson.


“Fixing the Traps, Calderwood Neck” by Marsha Donahue

In her compositionally complex watercolors, Marsha Donahue employs vivid coloration and sophisticated use of light to create dynamic Maine landscapes, particularly in interior Maine, near Katahdin, where she now resides.


“Scarborough Lobster Shack” by Colin Page

Colin Page feels that every painting should be as personal as painting a self-portrait. His goal is to capture the spark of excitement that called him to set up his easel whether it is the subject’s vibrant color or the atmospheric space. Through his paintings, he shares the poetry of experience, each painting must breathe and have a life of its own.


“Tin Pan Alley” by Roger Prince


“Great Wass Shore” by Alec Richardson

Searching for what he finds mysterious and powerful about the Maine coast, Alec Richardson discovers the quiet complexities behind unassuming subjects. He concerns himself with the “look” of Maine while examining what it means to be a painter in Maine, with its long tradition and significant history, from Homer to Wyeth and beyond.