Star Gallery features Robert S. Neuman and Rikki Morley Saunders


Neuman-Man-With-Pipe“Man With Pipe” by Robert S. Neuman

Star Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Robert S. Neuman’s exhibition on August 14, 2014. The exhibition runs from August 14th through August 27th, 2014. Mr. Neuman, 87, and his family will both be present at the Gallery for the opening reception on August 14th, 2014 from 5:00-7:00pm. Star Gallery is located at 6 Neighborhood Road in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

This retrospective-style exhibition will include paintings, mixed media works on paper and prints dating from 1961-1998. The selection at Star Gallery represents how the Artist is able to translate modern day cultural themes throughout his diverse series’ and various media.

All of the works featured in this exhibition represent Neuman’s distinctive artistic language. Often, forms, textures and shapes are created by stamping household items like lamp shades, tuna cans, and toothpaste caps onto the canvas. The Artist also uses a taping technique, which allows bold lines of color- blocked spaces, or the opposite: sedimentary layers of paint and tape. Neuman used both of these techniques throughout his body of work and also when creating unique works on paper and prints.


Saunders Fox Head Bookends

Fox Head Bookends by Rikki Morley Saunders