Wine Cellar Art Gallery features Corinne Carbone and William Reynolds

The Wine Cellar Art Gallery downstairs at John Edwards Market is very pleased to feature the work of artist Corinne Carbone of Somesville and William Reynolds of Ellsworth along with a number of other Maine artists.


“The Observers” by Corinne Carbone

Corinne Carbone fills her canvas with color, shape, and form expressed in a synergistic paradox of focused energy and delightful abandon. Bold and alive when showing a modernist edge or the softer lines of land and seascapes, Carbone’s work pulls us with a sense of here and now.

William Reynold’s paintings incorporate the flotsam and jetsam of American culture with wry humor. Boats appear on pieces of broken hull. Repetitive patterns are painted on a board aptly entitled “Replacement screen door panel.”

Come and enjoy the Wine Cellar Art Gallery. This show will be available through the month of September. 667-9377.