Bayview Gallery presents Ray Crane and Gordon Allen

Ray Crane at Bayview Gallery

“Late Afternoon Off Camden” by Ray Crane

Bayview Gallery is delighted to share some smaller works that have just arrived at the gallery! Perhaps you have a spot in your home that needs just the right touch to finish it off? Do you want to give a special someone something that will be treasured for a lifetime? American Society of Marine Artists member Ray Crane is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and is best known for his classic maritime paintings that show traditional sailing vessels at familiar places along the coast. Ray says, “Through my paintings I try to show the area as it used to be and how our maritime heritage continues to influence the views we see today.”

Gordon Allen at Bayview Gallery

“Beaver Dam” by Gordon Allen

Gordon Allen is a multifaceted artist whose work includes oils, watercolors, etchings and commercial illustrations. Bayview Gallery is pleased to present a selection of his fine sporting images produced by the printmaking process of etching. After laying an acid-resistant ground over a copper or zinc plate, Allen draws his design onto the plate with a metal stylus, removing just the area of the ground to be etched. The plate is then put into an acid bath and the drawn areas are burned away. He then inks the plate and sends it through a press to produce his beautiful, timeless images.