CRAFT Gallery opens “Drawing on the Surface: Intimate Connections”

CRAFT Gallery opens a group show on Friday, September 5, with four potters and two fiber artists who illustrate the intimate connection between drawing , painting, printmaking and craft mediums, how they relate and support each other and give the inanimate object personality and meaning.

Susan Dewsnap

ceramic by Susan Dewsnap

The gallery introduces ceramic work by Susan Dewsnap, a Professor of Ceramics at Bates College. Her work epitomizes the subject of the show, investigating how drawing on the surface and the shape of the piece can intimately connect. Her work draws from art and ceramic history for inspiration and is visually rich and complicated, Dewsnap exhibits and has won awards nationally and in Korea. Joining her in the exhibition is Portland artist Lissa Hunter, whose clay work reflects her background in painting , drawing and printmaking as she applies it to her porcelain tumblers and groupings of clay pieces. Her work is especially interesting as she transitions from being a respected textile artist to clay and drawing, working predominantly in black and white. Hunter and her work will be featured in the 2015 April/May issue of American Craft magazine. In contrast, George Pearlman applies a joyful and distinctive boldness of brilliant brushstrokes of color and outline to his large vases and bowls. In yet another approach in style, Autumn Cipala carefully and lightly incises drawings applied underneath her delicate and flawless celadon glazes.

Lissa Hunter

clay work by Lissa Hunter

CRAFT Gallery’s two fiber artists are Sharon McCartney and Daphne Taylor. The impact of their work lies in the subtle details of stitching and embroidery that reveal themselves upon close inspection. The smallness and intimacy of McCartney’s “Amulet Pillows” made of hand-dyed fragments of fabrics, found objects ad embroidery recall memories and human connections. Taylor’s large scale use of strong graphic design, subtle color and delicate hand stitching on silk in her “Quilt Drawings” create a meditative quality and sophistication. Her fine overlays of gray threads suggest the fine lines of pencil drawings. All of these six artists combine form, scale, color, texture and graphic design to present the fine hand-crafted object as a work of art. Both Susan Dewsnap and Daphne Taylor are in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s 2014 Biennial.

“Drawing on the Surface: Intimate Connections ” will continue until October 5th, when the gallery will open “A Collaboration” with potters Simon van der Ven and Mark Bell, as well as work by four CRAFT Gallery artists who have been selected for CMCA’s 2014 Biennial.

CRAFT Gallery is located in the courtyard at 12 Em Street in Rockland. Call 207 594 0167 and visit