Björn Runquist Talk at Landing Gallery, You’re Invited

On Saturday, September 6th at 4 p.m., Björn Runquist will talk about the paintings in his current exhibit, “Maine Light”, at Landing Gallery, 8 Elm St in Rockland. We hope that you will be able to join us.

Björn is a beloved plein air painter who has been painting in the mid coast area for almost 30 years. He’s interested in capturing the effects of light and atmosphere while painting out-of-doors. In his work, local subjects seem familiar but extraordinary with unusual viewpoints and Bjorn’s magical interpretation of Maine’s special light.

“I have found through the years of painting that it is much like poetry. There is a space between the feeling and the word, just as there is a space between the mark and the “reality” it represents. The marks build a structure to create its own reality and become an icon to a moment. My paintings celebrate those moments. Ideally, a painting consists of just enough brush strokes to evoke the moment or object and allow the viewer to bring his or her response to the emotional completion of the painting, just as the reader completes the poem.” ~ Björn Runquist