Dowling-Walsh Gallery opens Eric Green and Sarah McRae Morton

Eric Green at Dowling-Walsh Gallery

“Time Diptych – Bridge” by Eric Green

Eric Green went to RISD on a full scholarship at the age of sixteen. After attending the school for a week, he left to ride freights across the country, spending four years on the road.

In addition to painting for thirty years, he has worked in a frame shop, assembled pulp testers, traveled with a carnival, restored houses, painted industrial buildings from a hanging scaffold, designed two labels for Brazilian beers, written four novels and a column for the local paper. He has had two solo exhibitions in SoHo and Chelsea, received three grants, and a merit award from the National Academy of Design.

In New England, Eric’s paintings have been exhibited at the Ogunquit Museum, Brattleboro Museum, Robert Hull Fleming Museum, and the Portland Museum.

“This latest series is an attempt to capture time, or the poetic phrase, ‘the sad beauty of time passing,’ something I believe we all experience in life, an emotion that gives existence much of its intensity and meaning. It’s not an easy sensation to describe, so I’m hoping this work will allow the viewer to experience it in a clarified visual form.The work portrays sections of the interior of our house that I’ve spent the last seventeen years adjusting, a work of art in itself. I’m actually drawing a place I’ve carefully created and arranged, so in a way, the image is generated twice. Each diptych is comprised of two panels of the same basic view altered only by the passage of time. What I find interesting is that the art itself can only exist in the viewer’s mind. It is the amalgamation or comparison of the two images that creates the specific emotion, not each individual panel. Gauging and balancing this convergence is everything.”

Sarah McRae Morton at the Dowling-Walsh Gallery

“Wills of Morton and Bonnie- the night he wrote the letter that would be lost for 100 years” by Sarah McRae Morton

Sarah McRae Morton grew up in rural Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where she still keeps a hayloft studio above the horse stalls in her family’s barn. She studied drafting and color theory with Myron Barnstone in her teenage years, and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania for college. A travel fellowship was a path to Europe to take a chemistry course in Rome on the chemical composition – or decomposition – of pieces from art history. She traveled to Norway to study with painter Odd Nerdrum. When she returned from abroad, she settled in a coal-mining region of West Virginia to make a body of work about the local history, a changing landscape and a knotted family tree. This work yielded a Mattisse Foundation fellowship to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Since then, her work has taken her to Cerrillos New Mexico, Carmel California, Baltimore Maryland, to the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson. She currently lives in Cologne, Germany.

“The subjects in “The Impossible Sight of a Ship” are the people from whom I
am descended, by blood or by the “marrow of artistic tradition”, all of whom
led me to a place and time in Maine. These paintings are invented portraits
of the shells of tenacious spirits who have survived because their stories
are transmitted around campfires, between rocking chairs, and under moth
eaten black skies. They had memorable lives or unforgettable brushes with
death and left enough legacy, artifacts or genetic residue to retell their
stories. What they all have in common is me, a common descendant.

The style of the pieces varies according to the prevalent style of art
during each character’s lifetime, displaying facets of aesthetic traditions,
or challenges to convention that made American art history.”

Both artists will show through September 27. Dowling Walsh Gallery is located at 365 Main Street in Rockland Maine, directly across from the Farnsworth Art Museum. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. -­ 5 p.m., and by appointment on Sunday and Monday. For more information, visit us online at or call (207) 596-0084.