Autumn Update: New Paintings at Bayview Gallery

Jon Marshall oil paintings

“Sky – Prince Edward Island” by Jon Allan Marshall

Greetings and a pleasant Autumn to you!

The leaves this fall have been remarkable and the weather has been particularly fine – warm days and cool nights have made this an Autumn to remember here in Brunswick.

Bayview Gallery in Brunswick has recently received a number of paintings spanning all of the seasons from several of our artists.

Barbara Applegate brings us memories of the summer recently passed with two paintings depicting lush gardens blooming around traditional New England Sea Captains’ homes.

Tom Hughes sent us several gorgeous pieces depicting the coast in summer, winter and spring. His light-filled and atmospheric landscapes and his beautifully rendered depictions of our working waterfronts are a delight.

Marieluise Hutchinson stopped by with some of her most sought after Christmas themed images, as well as a magnificent large scale barn in her customary New England red.

Jon Marshall just delivered a signature piece of epic proportions – over six feet long! Depicting the red earth, sea and sky of Prince Edward Island Marshall’s picture is a tour de force of painting!

Last, but certainly not least, Helen Rundell has beautifully rendered a maple sugaring house surrounded by stately trees quietly awaiting the coming spring, when the sap will begin to flow again.

We are always happy for you to try any painting in your home on approval if you can’t come to the gallery to see them in person. Give us a call for more information, (800) 244-3007.