Bangor Artist Rachel Schiro Awarded Best of Show

"Party Bowls" by Rachel Schiro

“Party Bowls” by Rachel Schiro

At the Sixth Annual juried competition at the Longboat Key Art Center, a division of Ringling College of Art, Sarasota FL., Bangor and Corea Artist, Rachel Schiro, was awarded the LBKCA award of excellence for her painting “Party Bowls.” Vicky Randall, nationally known sculptor and a faculty member at the Ringling College of Art and Design was the juror.

In Ms. Randall’s words:

“I’ve chosen the piece”Party Bowls”, an oil painting by Rachel Schiro, as best of show. It’s a small piece and could be overlooked as just a painting of bowls. However, this painting kept dragging me back into it’s surface. Every time I looked I saw something new. It is beautifully painted, circles, ellipses and volume being very difficult to pull off on a flat surface. The color palette has been deliberate and wise. The composition is cropped in such a way as to give us only enough information to make us wonder beyond the view.
What’s the rest of this story? We know it’s bright and sunny and there’s surely going to be a party! Were these bowls stored away and brought out for a special occasion? Were they stored in bubble wrap? What made the artist use bubble wrap as a painting device? “Party Bowls” leaves me with as many questions as answers……. which is, of course, what a good work of art should always do!”