Alison Goodwin “Re-Entry” at Greenhut Galleries

"Irises" by Alison Goodwin

“Irises” by Alison Goodwin

Alison Goodwin’s work is well known throughout New England where she has been living and working for the past two decades. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine and the Maine College of Art, Alison is thrilled to be back in Portland and having her tenth solo exhibit at Greenhut Galleries. The title “Re-Entry” speaks to the feeling of renewal and energy in her location and artwork. In addition to her colorful, whimsical paintings, Alison is showing new black and white abstracts which offer a fresh perspective on her work, revealing the artist’s brilliant imagination and aesthetic. Influenced by many artists, including Hundertwasser, Klimt, Matisse and Calder, Alison’s work is characterized by saturated, turbulent color and skewed perspectives, which pull together a sophisticated aesthetic in both fine interior spaces and funky dwellings.