Gallery at Somes Sound Supports Outreach Program

Somes SoundFine furniture made by students within the Maine Prison Outreach Program, an educational program within the Maine State Prison System, will be on display at the Gallery at Somes Sound through Saturday, June 20.

For more than twelve years now, there has been a fine woodworking program in the New Hampshire Prisons. Recently, through the efforts of Brian Reid, Howard Hatch and other Maine members of NHFMA, they have been given the opportunity to create a fine woodworking program in the Maine State Prison. The primary goal of this program is education; to teach students the skills necessary to design and make fine furniture to the highest standards of craftsmanship. This include the use of hand tools and power tools, the understanding of wood technology, the understanding of structure and the employment of appropriate joinery to meet structural requirements, an understanding of design and the skills associated with creating designs.

Ninety percent of the proceeds from all sales will be used to fund the self-sustaining program of courses within the Maine State Prison System. Gallery at Somes Sound is located at 1112 Main Street, Somesville. For more info, visit