Guillerm Gallery Presents “Partaforms”

The Kickers 2

“The Kickers” by Kim Jespersen

Travel through the imaginative world of Kim Jespersen’s “Partaforms” at a new exhibition presented by the Philippe Guillerm Gallery in Waldoboro Village. Experience the humor and quietness of Jespersen’s work during the Artist’s Opening Reception on Saturday, July 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. or stop by during normal gallery hours over the next three weeks, until Saturday, August 1.

Jespersen has taken two fairly straightforward words, parts, and forms, to concoct a name for what she creates. Art is in there as well, of course, and she has great respect for the work of Joseph Cornell, Gérard Cambon, Sophie Rocco, and many others including Maine’s own Alan Magee. Self-taught, Jespersen enjoys the process of creating her characters more than talking about them as art. In a nutshell, she perceives how things could be and then asks, why not?
More information is available at www.guillermsculptures.comGuillerm Gallery is located at 882 Main Street,