Work of Father + Son at Tidemark Gallery

beach scene by Augusta
“Beach Scene” by George Augusta
“Life on the Beach,” a very special and rare show featuring works by both George Augusta and his son, Chris Augusta, opens at Tidemark Gallery, Waldoboro, on Tuesday, July 7,  Following an artistic tradition, Chris learned the profession at the side of his father, the late George Augusta, a well-known artist whose portraits include those of many famous people including Chief Justice Warren Burger and Rosalyn Carter. His body of work also includes many “plein air” beach scenes, a theme developed and expanded by his son, Chris Augusta.
Chris applies the skills learned from a master of the art of capturing the likeness and character of humans with his own sensibilities and extensive knowledge as a naturalist studying underwater life. The results are sometimes surreal, often humorous and always delightful to both the eye and the intellect.
While “Life on the Beach” is on display at Tidemark, Chris also has a separate show that includes some of his larger works, “The Way of All Fish,” at Old No. 9. Both galleries, along with Philippe Guillerm Gallery and Anne Heywood Gallery, are holding coordinated artist receptions on Saturday, July 11, from 2 to 8 p.m. inviting visitors to enjoy all four in a Waldoboro Artwalk. Tidemark Gallery is located at 902 Main Street, Waldoboro. For more information, call (2070-832-5109. Old No. 9 website is