“Bon Appetit” on Menu at Betts Gallery

Leeks by GawlerElsie Gawler’s “Leeks”

“Bon Appetit: Food Production, Presentation, Politics” is on the menu at Betts Gallery in Belfast through Saturday, July 18. A feast for the eyes, thirteen Maine artists have harvested their best food-related work for this exhibition. Kenny Cole, Julie Cyr, Elsie Gawler, Mike Fletcher, Jay Gibson, Sheep Jones, Daniel Kirchoff, Jeffrey Ackerman, Julie Rose, Kathy Weinberg, Janalee Welch, Isaac Wright and Bennett Konesni will offer works of various media, including oil, papercutting, collage, printmaking, watercolor, graphite, photography and sculpture and assemblage.

Betts Gallery is located at 96 Main Street at The Belfast Framer. For additional details, call (207) 338-6465 or visit http://www.thebelfastframer.com/