Summer Show opens at Blue Hill Bay Gallery

Thon-MonheganFisherman-s“Monhegan Fishermen” by William Thon

The summer show at the Blue Hill Bay Gallery features 7 large rooms
showing Maine seascapes and landscapes.  The diversity of styles ranges
from 19th century realist and luminist works by Harrison Bird Brown and
Samuel Triscott to early 20th century tonalism by Paul Bernard King to
20th century modernists like William Thon and William Lester Stevens.
Rounding out the roster are many new works by contemporary Maine artists,
such as Stefan Pastuhov, Mark Haltof, Caleb Stone, Dennis Poirier, Diane
Scott, and Brian Banks in plein air, impressionist, and realist styles.
The exhibition may be seen throughout July at the Blue Hill Bay Gallery on
Main St. in Blue Hill, Tues-Sat 10am to 4pm. FMI see or call 207-374-5773.