Islesford Dock Gallery opens “Lesia Socher: How Do I Look?”


The Islesford Dock Gallery is highlighting the paintings of Lesia Socher with “How Do I Look?” during the month of July. Lesia Socher’s forms and colors work as fascinating designs in themselves and as statements provoking another look and lingering thoughts. Originally inspired by wooden spools of thread connecting her to her female ancestors, these newest pieces are a natural evolution, painted in thin layers of oil on sewing pattern paper. Thoughts fly – designers, issues, clothes, Oscar Wilde. But the pieces, in the end, stand alone, some quiet, some bold, all asking you to look.

Located on Little Cranberry Island, along with the Islesford Dock Restaurant, there are ferries from Northeast and Southwest Harbor. The gallery is open 7 days a week from 11am to 4pm. (207) 266-5464