A Little About Little Pond Gallery

Ancient Nautilus

“Ancient Nautilus” sculpted in stone by Jon Fernans.

Sculptor and musician Jon Fernans co-owns Little Pond Gallery, along with his wife, curator and jewelry-maker Ruth Hartman. The couple summer on Orr’s Island, having built a beautiful home that includes an art gallery that is open during the season seven days a week. While his wife creates one-of-a-kind jewelry in her workroom adjacent to the gallery, the self-taught sculptor can now be found out back in his workshop, carving turquoise, alabaster, honeycomb calcite, wonder stone, granite and marble. It seems that under the tutelage of acclaimed Florida artist Terry Thomas, Fernans has found his true calling, releasing images, both earthy and spiritual from stone. His artistry has been successfully shown and sold all along the East Coast and has gained in popularity with each passing year. In his work, which includes curling waves, the female form, dark leaping fish, and the dominant “Ancient Nautilus”, he makes the stone come alive.

Before Fernans, who grew up on the beaches of Florida, discovered his talent as a sculptor, he served in the Army then started up a thriving silk-screening business which he eventually sold so he could study music. Besides growing up near the water, he worked as a commercial fisherman in the Florida Keys after his military service and came across many different sea creatures and fish that have influenced his work. He went on to have a successful career performing around the world as a singer/songwriter for twenty-five years. Although sculpting now takes up much of his time, he still performs for benefits in the mid-coast area.

Now he makes music with stone. “As I work, I let the stones do the talking. I’ve learned that creativity doesn’t come from you, but through you.” He added, “I tend to be drawn to images and objects related to marine life. They’ve always held a strong attraction for me. They are where my heart is.”

Little Pond Gallery reflects the couple’s love of Maine as they strive to make art accessible to everyone. Amidst Fernans’ dynamic sculptures and Hartman’s whimsical jewelry, are the paintings, drawings, and photography of other Maine artists. This summer Little Pond Gallery presents the work of Angie B. Blevins, Autumn Cipala, David Fouts, Nancy Greindl, Rande May, Steve Philbrook, and Rebekah Raye. Hartman calls the collection “an eclectic mix” and has carefully selected each one to reflect the spirit of Maine. For more information, go to www.littlepondgallery.com or call 833-3210.